Grow your event with free athlete analytics

We convert your registration and results data into a report full of insights about your athletes.

Used by incredible races everywhere

The truth is growing a race is hard work (really hard)

Between attracting athletes, finding sponsors, recruiting volunteers, ordering swag, and applying for permits, you're pulled in a lot of directions.

Our goal is to help you grow by analyzing and leveraging participant data.

We'll create a free report that helps you understand your race trends, enabling you to build 1:1 relationships with your athletes and invest in the improvements that matter most to your raceday experience.

We provide free reporting and analytics to help you understand where you’re great and where you’re not.


Help you discover which athlete segments are driving and detracting from event growth. You can slice and dice your data by gender, location, distances, and more.


Tracks your athlete retention and churn across a variety of factors, helping you to keep athletes coming back year after year.


Calculates the lifetime-value of your athletes and helps you understand how retention affects your bottom line.

We'll work with you each step of the way

Let us know a little about you and we'll reach out to get started

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